Ophthalmological Hospital

From the very beginning of this Project, the Foundation had the objective of creating a specialist hospital where we could integrate all the services of ophthalmic care (promotion of eyecare, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation) in the same system, in order to provide the population a complete service in an adequate way.
This dream came true in the year 2017, when the inauguration took place of the Hispanic Kuwaiti Nouadhibou Vision Centre. Yacoub Al Nafisi Building.
In the hospital there are several general examination and consulting rooms, a pharmacy, an optician’s shop, a training room and some operating theatres.

Thanks to this center, every sector of the population can benefit, as it is also accessible to those who are most frequently unattended, such as ethnic minorities, women, as well as disabled people and the elderly. Moreover, in addition to facilitating access to basic visual health care to all the citizens, it has a dispensary and an optician’s workshop.

The dispensary for treatments addresses the need for treating pathologies, such as glaucoma, which requires continuous treatment, to avoid total and irreversible loss of vision in the affected eye.
The optician’s workshop, for its part, plays an important role on the basic visual health care since uncorrected refractive errors, which affect people of all ages and ethnic groups, are the principal cause of the decrease in visual acuity. High refractive errors represent 43% of avoidable blindness and are the second cause of blindness in the world.
The optical centre will have the ability of providing services of optometric care and fitting of corrective lenses at an accessible price for the whole community, allowing the continuity of the service and the attention free of charge to those who do not have enough resources, thus allowing access to all the population.

New operating theatres:

Since we perceived that there was a need for a higher level of technology, efficiency and hygiene when performing surgery, we came up with the plan of creating a new operating theatre. These facilities were built in 2018 and were inaugurated in the 14th expedition that took place from December 1 to 8, 201