If you are interested in collaborating with the Nouadhibou Vision Project, here are some ways to do it:

Finance a project: As you can see, we conduct several projects, and there is always a lot to do and new projects to get off the ground. These projects require the involvement of private entities, enterprises, organizations… Therefore, the Foundation offers the possibility of collaborating in the funding of our projects.

To receive more information, send an email to: or fill in this form.

Volunteer: If you are interested in joining Nouadhibou Vision’s volunteer team send an email with your curriculum to In a few days you will receive a reply and you will be able to start collaborating with us.

Other collaborations: You can donate those glasses that you no longer use. How else do you think you can collaborate with us? Tell us about it sending an email to, any additional help that could be useful to our work will be welcome.

Or if you wish, fill in this form: